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The Gallery

Art Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

As owners of fine art, their own collection is the
inspiration for the gallery. From elegant sculptures in bronze, marble and glass to canvas art, the owners bring a variety of original works created by artists from their travels here and abroad.

Their collection will be for viewing only, however those featured artists will be available for exhibit
and purchase.

Local Texas artists will also be featured in collaboration with select Santa Fe galleries. This will allow artists from New Mexico to showcase in Round Top in this joint venture.

In addition to The Gallery, a workshop located behind the gallery in the building will be available for artists interested in co-oping the space for classes.

Orchid Tree Park & Gallery honors all mediums and we gladly open our doors to host exhibits, classes and retreats to all forms of art. What does this mean to you? It means if you'd like to host a healing retreat or maybe you're a specialized artist in miniature trains or quilts and need a home...Orchid Tree is your home.

Orchid Tree Park & Gallery isn't just a gallery. It's an artist retreat celebrating art, celebrating life and most of all...celebrating fellowship with our guests. Come experience Orchid Tree Park & Gallery and everything it offers.

2015 Fall Show "All Things Texas"

The 2015 Fall show “All Things Texas” featuring artists Lu Tegg and Patsy Lindamood was a fantastic show displaying fabulous talent and a great way to finish out 2015!  In addition, we had young talent from our own Round Top-Carmine high school with their artwork from the Houston Rodeo school art program.

Our First Annual

Christmas Market at The Park

Our first annual ‘Christmas Market at The Park’  arts and crafts show was well attended during the Christmas in Round Top Events!  We had fantastic vendors and the weather was picture perfect!  You can expect another show this year!  As a vendor, if you’re interested, please contact Debbie Koenig at Orchid Tree!

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